Cornish Hen, Grilled

I marinated a 2.5lb Cornish Hen in White Wine, Citrus Juice, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes & other flavorings.  I typically marinade for around 24 hours (flipping periodically), then use an Herbal Sea Salt & Pepper to finish the seasoning process.  I grilled the bird for around 10 to 12 minutes per side.  For a first attempt at a Cornish Hen, I nailed it !  Served with my take on a Caprese Salad as the only side.

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Last night we had our annual New Year’s Eve meal for friends and family.  I made a lot of extra food + we had some cancellations = too much left over !  I had some Grilled Chicken ( that I didn’t want to waste, so I just got done making my Spicy Chicken Soup – a fav of the wife & I.  I love the fact that I still actually GET EXCITED when I know I get to make soup.  A great homemade soup and a piece of crusty bread – not much better than that for us !

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Offal Is Not Awful !

Offal is GREAT !  Offal is a generic term referring to organ meat – heart, gizzards, lungs, sweetbreads, etc…  Most times when you purchase a whole Chicken, or a Turkey, you get a bag of organs and necks.  Some people use them for flavoring other dishes (soups, gravy, stew), some right in the trash – I like to just pan fry them right up, with a bit of sea salt and pepper !

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Breaded + Fish + Fry

These are typically not words I use together – I don’t fry fish – period.  Fried fish makes me think “fast food” and “golden arches”.  I will broil it, grill it, ceviche it, steam it, poach it and bake it.  I had some Lake Erie Perch that a relative gave us and wanted to give it more flavor, since Perch is kind of bland.  For an experiment I ground up some herbed, dry stuffing and dredged the fish through the crumbs after they got an egg bath.  I pan fried the filets in Olive Oil for a couple minutes per side – the flavor was great !  I definitely will be doing this again, and will not be thinking “drive thru” !

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Last Harvest

Of the season, anyway.  Sunday I pulled out the last of our crops, even though there was new fruit growth on the Eggplant and Tomatoes – they just won’t ripen in this weather.  We do have a bunch of Garlic to harvest, but that will stay in the ground for now – l’ultima raccolta !

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Pollo alla Diavola

While paging through a book of mine, Italy – The Country and it’s Cuisine, I came across a photo of a dish I just HAD to make !  It is basically a whole Chicken marinated in White Wine, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Bay Leaves and Red Pepper Flakes.  I used about a 4-1/2 pound bird, removed the breast bone, pressed it flat and marinated it for 24 hours, turning once.  Pat dry, rub with Herbal Sea Salt and Pepper, and grill on medium-high for about 20 minutes per side.  Serve immediately.

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Jammy Buggars (follow-up)

Well, it happened again.  When we discovered Deagan’s, were found ourselves going back “too often” – now it’s happening with Jammy Buggars !  Not entirely a bad thing, but not “cost-effective” long-term for us to go out to eat so much.  Last Tuesday was visit #2, and then the next day for the amazing Pizza deal – 2 pints and a 1/2 sheet Pizza for $15 – we took a lot home !  Last night we went again and the owner, Jim Sprenger, came over and we chatted for a few minutes – nice guy !  We also had Chelsea AGAIN, our server for our first 3 visits (I feel like a stalker).  You REALLY have to visit this place – Jammy Buggars – Just Better ! (

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