Addio, Scotti !

My friend from Tampa is leaving tomorrow, so we had one last meal at Osteria Di Moran (located here at Hotel 1470).  The meal consisted of Cicchetti, or Tapas – small plates.  I made Mussels Del Giorno, Tilapia Ceviche, White Beech Mushrooms with Garlic, Zucchini with Shallot and a Salumi-Formaggio Plate.  The Ceviche was most excellent – I’ve wanted to make one for years, and it did not disappoint !  Ceviche is the curing or “cooking” of seafood using citrus juices.  I used Lime Juice – no heat required, as the acid does all the work.

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4 Responses to Addio, Scotti !

  1. Scotti says:

    This meal was mighty tasty, especially the ceviche. But notice, Ilsa and I were not allowed to be in any pho-toes…

  2. It wasn’t that you weren’t ALLOWED, I just didn’t TAKE any – and with you being back in Florida now, oh well…

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