Clams !

The word “clam” can be applied to freshwater mussels, and other freshwater bivalves, as well as marine bivalves.  We LOVE clams and mussels, and try to make them part of the meal when I get the opportunity.  I steam my Clams in Chardonnay with lots of Garlic, Parsley, Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Butter, and make sure you have a good crusty loaf of bread to sop up the juices.  We used the French Batard loaf from Blackbird Baking Company ( !

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4 Responses to Clams !

  1. This is something that I always wanted to learn how to cook, but so nervous because my husband friend told me once if they are not cook probably they can poison the person who eat it:(

  2. I have been eating Clams & Mussels for years & years ~ no one I know has ever gotten sick from eating them ANYWHERE ! Basically, if they are opened BEFORE cooking they are dead, so pitch them. When they pop open DURING cooking they are done…

  3. See I never knew they were still alive. I thought they were dead when they sell them like fish! Thank you very much for your tip. I will remember this. I am a beginner cooker who is learning to step out of my comfort zone and experiment in the kitchen:)

  4. Glad I could help ! We had Middleneck Clams again last night, along with Rainbow Trout that I broiled in the oven…

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