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Yam Chips

I know it doesn’t sound as good as Sweet Potato Chips, but the taste is excellent ! I think mostly what are referred to as Sweet Potatoes in restaurants are actually Yams. The USDA requires that the names are interchangeable … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup

One of my absolute FAVORITE things to do in the kitchen is make my Spicy Chicken Soup. Starting with a whole Chicken, the process takes just a couple hours – perfect for a Fall afternoon, and the house smells just … Continue reading

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LEAF ~ Community Supported Agriculture

Lakewood Earth and Food Community is dedicated to the development of a more sustainable, healthful and economically viable community through environmentally responsible actions producing broad access to the purchasing, growing and trading of fresh, local foods, knowledge and culture. LEAF … Continue reading

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Garlic !

I LOVE cooking with Garlic, and what is better than harvesting it at home ? I pulled up roughly 3+ pounds of it over this past weekend, along with Onions and Shallots. Since one can only use so much Garlic … Continue reading

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Bruschetta (Italian pronunciation: [brusˈketta] is a hearty appetizer from central Italy whose origin dates to at least the 15th century. I used a Baguette from Blackbird Baking Company (recently voted Cleveland’s best bakery !) topped with fresh diced Tomato, Basil and Olive … Continue reading

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The weather is not-so-friendly, so we dined in and watched a DVR’d Bourdain – Greek Isles ! I’ve watched it several times already, so what was once more ? One of the BEST parts of the evening is that we … Continue reading

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Crema Di Peperoni Piccanti

Recently Cousin Laura was in Northern Italy to see her sister Pam and her family. She brought back an array of gifts for everyone, and for us she brought this pepper sauce, along with some White Truffle Oil ! I … Continue reading

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