Got Pork (Face) ?

My wife needed some items from Tink Holl, my favorite Asian market in CLE’s Asiantown district, so we went this morning. I picked up a few items also, bought a couple Roasted Quail ($2 each) to snack on, and wandered around. Tink Holl sells a myriad of food items that you can’t get anywhere in town except this neighborhood. If you need Turtle, Razor Clams, Cuttlefish, Frogs, Snails, Offal, types of fish that you’ve never seen or heard of, or just about anything else exotic (Durian, anyone ?) you can get it here. Then it occurred to me – Pork Cheek ! Well, after getting past the language barrier, I was offered Pork Face – skin, snout and all. I got it home and was able to remove 6 ounces of Cheek from the jowls, leaving me with 1.5lbs of skin and snout. I can get Cheek for $4.00lb at the West Side Market, and at Tink Holl it came out to $6.50lb when all the butchering was over. Now, what to do with all the “extras”…

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