Urrà il Pesto !

I love making Basil Pesto.  I love using Basil Pesto.  I bought a Cuisinart Mini Prep ($40US) just to make Pesto !  Tonight we had one of our Summer favorites – Basil Pesto Chicken Sandwiches.  Grill or Pan-Sear a seasoned boneless, skinless breast, top with BP and a thick-cut Sweet Onion on a Kaiser Roll.  We had ours with a side of Zucchini from the garden, sauteed with Red Pepper and a Goat Cheese Salad !

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2 Responses to Urrà il Pesto !

  1. Karen says:

    The photo of the basil is so good you can almost smell its wonderful aroma. I too love pesto and put a lot in the freezer for a little bit of summer taste to last the rest of the year.

  2. I have been making it for close to 10 years – it can make just about anything taste better. I make Basil Pesto Potatoes, BP Potato Salad, Crab & Pesto and other dishes…

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